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Woodworking Tooling, Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

Model No. :
4A2, 12A2, 11A2, 12V2, 12V9, 15V9, 14A1R
Mini Order :
≥20 Pieces US $ 80/Box (Pieces)
Production Capacity :
8000 (Tons) (Years)
Trade Terms :
Payment Terms:
T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Product Detail
Base Info.
  • Superabrasive
  • Diamond
  • <1
  • EN 12413
  • Edge Shape
  • 240#
  • Tool Grinding
  • North America,South America,Western Europe
  • Sinter
  • Surface Grinding Wheel
  • <1
Additional Info.
  • Jiangsu China
  • BONDFLEX, SAILI, sumeng
  • From Aug 31, 2015 To Nov 30, 2015
  • by Carton
Product Description

We specialise in the production of high quality profile grinding wheels, diamond & CBN Wheels for wood working industry, metal working industry. For example

Top Grinding
We provide the wheel with multiple grits for top grinding application, which ensures one grinding process to complete both roughing and finishing operations. It is a prerequisite to optimize true running and maximum the productivity of circular saws.

Machines suitable: Akemat, Utma & Walter

Face Grinding
Our wheels for Face Grinding optimizes the cutting performance of the saw and guarantees that is achieves a long service life. We can provide the ultra thin wheel to grind circular saw with more than 100 teeth. The thinnest wheel available is 0.03", which can grind the saw with teeth space of 0.03".

Wheel body: Bakelite and Alumina

Facing wheel with Bakelite core

Bakelite body features flexibility when grinding to ensure the long using life and grinding quality. We provide this type of wheel with the abrasive section of minimum 0.019"thick, to grind the saw with teeth space of 0.039".

Side Grinding
We provide the best wheel for side grinding application, ensuring one grinding process to complete rough and fishing grinding operations simultaneously. It is a prerequisite for an optimized surface quality.

Moulder Knife Profile Grinding Wheels - Vitrified Bond
Vitrified (alum. Oxide & ceramic) Grinding wheels to profile grind moulding patterns in corg. Knife steel. We offer wheels for most brands of profile grinders; Weinig, Wadkin, Foley, UTC, Nielsen, etc.

CBN / DIAMOND / CDX DIAMOND Wheels for moulder knife profile grinders.
We offer long lasting fine grit super abrasive grinding wheels for grinding carbide and for putting the finishing touches on close tolerance profiles. CBN Wheels are for grinding steel knives, DIAMOND Wheels are for grinding carbide knives & CDX DIAMOND Wheels are for grinding carbide inlay knives

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